Nowe kanwy wychodzą z krosna. Prostokąty z lnu i hemp, 150 x 70 cm każdy.

New canvasses. Hemp / linen rectangles, 150 x 70 cm each.  

double cloth

Nowe kanwy. Hemp i len (150 x 70 cm) 

New canvasses. Hemp and linen (150 x 70 cm) 


Dziewczyny w pracowni czyli tak zwane 'grandes trabalhadores'!






Ingerencja w kanwy. Ziemia, klej i pigment w proszku.

Interference. Soil, glue and pigment in powder. 

Droga. The Way

tekstury (handwoven by Hempweavers in Odemira, Portugal)

a detail

Exchange in Odemira between me and Helena Loermans through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme is close to finish... I wrote a short text about the project. 

I’ve heard about the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme from a friend. I decided to participate in the project because I’ve found in it an opportunity to gain knowledge of how to run your own company and how generally to start your own business. I’m interested to transfer my ideas into a textile craft which is connected with activities I’m exploring now in the painting field and Helena Loermans was one of the first Host Entrepreneur I saw on the web page from arts & crafts field in Portugal. When I looked in Helena’s profile I saw a beautiful movie from Odemira beginning with textiles hanging around with letters sewed on it. I saw the sun and beautiful site specific installations on a field which impressed me immediately; timeless music as a background. Then, a very kind person was talking about ‘her’ art. We begun a nice e – mail conversation which gave me kind of secure background that I may cooperate with a very nice, open minded person. But I really couldn’t predict that this exchange would have an influence on so many levels: craft, artistic, personal and business one. To be honest, it was a challenge for me to come to Odemira... Since now, I’ve achieved things, which I hadn’t expected before coming here. Besides I have my own tempo, my Host showed me that sharing your activities with the audience is an obligatory thing when You just want to live from what you are doing. For five months I’ve learned the basics of the craft and got familiar with 12 and 24 shafts looms. Besides realising my own projects I’ve participated in the production for Helena’s collections. I’ve started a blog which I treat as my digital diary and also my visit card. We have also started Hempweavers – a project which is settled between two disciplines: weaving and painting. We create handwoven hemp / linen canvasses with different textures and colours. Hempweavers is a beautiful idea which is close to my interests and stream of my activities. We are planning to continue this subject after the oficial deadline of the exchange. Helena showed me that making borders between disciplines is just uncomfortable and to tight for being free. What’s more, my Host repeats that there is no reason to wait until you start your company because you will never be 100 % sure if this is the right moment; actually always can be the right moment.
W działaniu... Pierwsze próby malowania na kanwach:) 

Work in progress... First painting trial on handwoven canvasses...

the moon...

No to tak. W tym tygodniu dotarł do nas hemp; wraz z lnem grają teraz pierwsze skrzypce.
Kanwy trafiły na ramy, lecz nowe rysunki już wypełniają zeszyty... Olé!

Hemp has arrived to the atelier this week. Together with linen they play the first voice. 
Canvasses took their place on frames but new drawings fill notebooks... Olé

a palette of canvasses
24 shafts single cloth and 12 shafts double cloth
Czas na nowe! Kanwy marsz na ramy! ;)

It's time for new! Canvas, please take your place on frames..;)

Najlepsze stanowisko to najcieplejsze stanowisko:)
Helena makes warm "happy hands"

Pierwszy dzień nowego roku nad oceanem. Pomyślności!

All the best in New Year!